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Lan Cable Tester, Led Display


Price starts at $89.95

Product Code : LAN-1

Manufacturer : Fluke

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The Amprobe LAN-1 Cable Tester is designed for testing opens, shorts and miswired cable installations. It is designed to work with various data cables and connectors. This cable tester provides a quick go / no-go LED display of the wiring and connection of item under test. You can either step through the test cable wiring one at a time or have the unit automatically pulse through the pin-outs and display the results.

Unit ships with Remote Terminator, 1 ea RJ45 to female BNC cable, 1 ea RJ45 to male BNC cable, 1 ea 1 RJ45 to RJ45 cable, 1 ea female BNC to female BNC connector, 9 volt battery and Users Manual

  • Test pin configuration for:
  • 10/100 base -T cable
  • 10 base-2 cable
  • RJ45 modular cables
  • AT&T 258A cable
  • EIA / TIA 568A/568B cables
  • Token Ring Cable
  • Verify the cable wiring for continuity, opens, shorts or incorrect wiring
  • Test installed cable on wall plate or the patch panels by using the Remote Termination module
  • Perform Loopback Test or Remote Test
  • Buzzer sound warning for error condition in cable
  • Two sets of LED lights for Source and Test indication
  • Maximum line length: > 300 meters
  • Connector types: RJ45, BNC
  F E A T U R E S
Battery Life:      Approx 20 hours. (Alkaline battery)
Size:      130 x 56 x 38 mm (5.1 x 2.2 x 1.5 in.)
Weight:      1.26 kg (0.6 lb)
Safety:      CE - EMC
Instruction Manual:      Yes
Detailed Specs:      Yes
Hi-Resolution Image:      Yes

  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

Display:     18 LEDs: 9 Red and 9 Green, 9 LEDs on Remote module
Battery:     Standard 9-volt battery, NEDA 1604A, JIS 006P, IEC 6F22
Low Battery Indicator:     The LED indicator will not turn ON when BATT button is pushed
Operating environment:     0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F), 10 to 70% RH

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