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Model 3150 CO2 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analyzer (0-10,000 PPM)


Price starts at $2,200.00

Product Code : 19-7136

Manufacturer : Bacharach

Ordering Information:

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description
Model 3150 CO Analyzer (0-10,000 ppm)
19-7136 CO2, Pressure, Pump
19-7137 CO2, O2, Pressure, Pump
19-7138 CO2, O2, Pressure, RH (w/probe & cable), Pump
Accessories & Replacement Parts
19-0611 Temperature Probe (5 mm tip)
19-0612 Spare Dust Filters (pk/5)
19-0613 Spare Sample Tubing (1 m) w/filter
19-0614 Data Downloading Kit w/USB cable & software
24-1126 5% CO2 Calibration Gas (17 l)
23-4003 100% N2 Calibration Gas (17 l)
19-8027 Regulator and Tubing Kit (no gas)

For applications requiring carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements in the 0-10,000 parts-per-million (ppm) range, Model 3150 is ideal for indoor air quality (IAQ) measurements, ventilation verification and process operations. The CO2 Portable Gas Analyzers have a powerful internal pump, new and improved operating software, the latest battery technology, USB data communications and flexible sensor options.

While CO2 is the most important aspect of the indoor air quality analysis, customers also may need to measure O2, humidity and temperature, which are optional features of the instrument. IAQ audits to check the safety, comfort or the health of building occupants typically are conducted either via a walk-through with instrument in hand and pump running, or more likely with an instrument set up to log data on a daily basis in the working environment. The units have a large data storage bank capable of recording 1000 readings, as well as an optional data downloading kit that can be used with download software to chart data for trend analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Stable infrared (IR) CO2 sensor provides better accuracy
  • Internal pump draws 100cc/minute for fast response
  • Large backlit LCD display with graphic icons is easy-to read in any lighting condition
  • Improved keypad with full numeric keys saves time
  • User-adjustable settings for alarm and calibration setpoints via keypad (no PC required)
  • User-ID code setting for security and record-keeping
  • Large data storage of 1,000 readings and 270 events viewable on screen
  • User-friendly software and USB data download for data graphing and trend analysis (optional kit)
  • Integrated Nafion tube for humidity reduction of sample gas ensures stable readings
  • Continuous long-term operations using power supply
  • All models have 2 temperature probe ports for T1-T2 calculations

Measuring Ranges

Measurement Reading Resolution
CO2 (low) 0-10,000 ppm 5 ppm
O2 0-100% 0.1%
Temperature* 32°F - 122°F (0 - 50°C 0.1°F
Relative Humidity* 0-100% 1%

*Optional. RH option must be chosen at the time of the order.


  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Ventilation Verification
  • Mushroom Farms
  • Fruit/Vegetable Storage
  • Greenhouses
  • Food Processing
  • Brewing
  • Carbonated Beverage Processing
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