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Power Hi-Tester


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Product Code : Hioki 3331

Manufacturer : Hioki Instruments

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Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)

High-performance 3-phase power meter makes system construction easy
This model provides high accuracy of ±0.2 % (45 to 66 Hz), and is capable of measuring and integrating power consumption of 3-phase devices such as industrial air conditioners and refrigerators, as well as single phase (single-phase, 3-wire) equipment. It can handle direct current inputs of up to 50 A, and maintains frequency characteristics over a broad bandwidth from 10 Hz to 100 kHz. Also features wave peak measurement and a U3, I3 display function using vector calculation. Compact and lightweight.
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 6 months)
Measurement lines Single-phase 3-wires, Three-phase 3-wires, Single-phase 2-wires
(no independent settings for each line)
Measurement items Voltage, Current, Current peak, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Power factor, Phase angle, Frequency, Power integration, Current integration
Measurement ranges Voltage range: 150/ 300/ 600 V AC
Current range: 500 mA, 1/ 2/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 50 A AC
Depends on combination of voltage and current range
(Power range: 75.000 W to 60.000 kW)
Frequency range: Auto/ 500 Hz/ 50 kHz (select voltage or current)
Input resistance (50/60 Hz) Voltage: 2 MΩ, Current: 2 mΩ or less (direct input)
Basic accuracy ±0.1 % rdg. ±0.1 % f.s. (active power, at 45 to 66 Hz)
Display refresh rate 5 times/second
Frequency characteristics 10 Hz to 100 kHz
Integration measurement Data update time: 5 times/sec, Measurement range: 0.00000 m to ±999999 MAh/MWh, (integration time up to 10,000 hours)
Wave peak measurement Current 1, 2, 3 (displays maximum absolute value, 3 not available during single phase measurement),
Effective input range: Six times the current range, or Max. 90 A peak
D/A output Number of channels: 1 ch,
Output items: Voltage, Current, Current peak, Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Power factor, Phase angle, Frequency, Integration (each channels value, or sum)
Analog output Voltage, Current, Power simultaneously, DC ±5 V f.s.
Monitor output Voltage, Current simultaneously (waveform output), 1 Vrms f.s.
Other functions Backup, Scaling, Average function
Interface RS-232C, GP-IB standard
Power requirements 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA max.
Dimensions, mass 210 mm(8.27 in)W × 100 mm(3.94 in)H × 261 mm(10.28 in)D, 2.5 kg (88.2 oz)
Supplied accessories Instruction Manual × 1, Power cord × 1, Connector for EXT I/O × 1
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