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Digital Ultra-High Resistance/Ultra-Low Current Meter


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Product Code : Hioki DSM-8542

Manufacturer : Hioki Instruments

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Hioki DSM-8542 and PSU-8541
Digital Super Meghommeter and Power Source
Ultra-Insulation/Micro Ammeter

  • Measurement voltage : DC 0.1 - 1,000 V
  • Measurement range : 1 x 107 - 3 x 1016 Ω
  • 4-channel, high-speed measurement capability when combined with PSU-8541 dedicated power source unit sold separately
  • System compatibility made easy by connecting charge terminal handler interface
  • Measures insulation resistance of capacitive/highly insulated materials at high speed with high accuracy
  • High resolution current measurements of 0.1 fA
Specification DSM-8542
Measurement Specification 4-ch same as DSM-8104 Specification (with PSU-8541 dedicated power source unit sold separately)
Specification PSU-8542
Configuration Voltage generator A (HIGH) 1 circuit 250V-150W, 1000V-120W)
Voltage generator B (LO) 1 circuit 10V-6W
Current control Circuits (Measurement System) 4 circuits
Current control Circuits (Charge System) 20 circuits
Voltage Generator (HIGH) 0.1V to 250.0V (±(0.1% of setting +150 mV)) Max.600mA
251V to 1,000V (±(0.1% of setting +400 mV)) Max.120mA
Voltage Generator(LO) 0.1V to 250.0V (±(0.1% of setting +150 mV)) Max.600mA
251V to 1,000V (±(0.1% of setting +400 mV)) Max.120mA
Current Limiter 0.1V to 250.0V (5/10/25/50mA) 251V to 1,000V (5mA)
Control Control by the DSM-8542
Power Supply 100V AC ± 10% at 50/60Hz
Max. Approx. 350VA
Dimension, mass Approx. 332W x 178(H x 450D mm Approx. 28kg
Ordering Information
Model  Description
DSM8542 Hioki DSM-8542 Ultra-Insulation/Micro Ammeter. Super Meghometer 
PSU8541 Hioki PSU-8541 Power Supply Unit for DSM-8542 
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