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8-Channel Current Input Module


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Product Code : Model 2300

Manufacturer : Neurologic Research

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Model 2300:     High Resolution 8-Channel Current Input Network Node

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The Model 2300 is a High Resolution, 19-bit, 8-Channel Current Input Network Node that is housed in a compact DIN rail enclosure.  It allows integration of up to 8 current output transmitters into the LonWorks distributed digital network.  Using the Model 2300 allows multiple sensors to be used over a simple four-wire bus installation.  Two wires are used for power, the other are used for digital communication.  The communication interface is the FTT-10 transceiver.  

All connections to the Model 2300 are made via high quality removable terminal blocks.  Power into the Model 2300 is reverse voltage protected, individually fused, and finally made available to the sensor terminal blocks.  This feature allows simple power distribution to each 4-20 mA transmitter and reduces external wiring.  Additionally, the input current sense resistors are individually protected against over-current conditions by a unique circuit.  The protection circuit will limit the input current and return an error value to attached network device.  The protection circuit will automatically recover when the fault condition is removed and will resume normal measurement.

Key Features

  • 8-Channel, 19-bit resolution, 0-25 mA input range

  • All connections are made via high-quality removable terminal blocks

  • Input power is distributed to each sensor’s terminal block to cut down on external wiring

  • Output power to each sensor is reverse voltage protected and fused.

  • Input sense resistor is protected from over-voltage

  • All inputs have factory default configuration of 4-20 mA, which allows instant integration of any standard 4-20 mA transmitter into the LonWorks digital network

  • Supports loop and self powered sensors

  • Digitally calibrated at the factory for high accuracy.  Additionally, the customer can re-calibrate the unit for custom input ranges

  • Compact DIN Rail mount enclosure that is only 71 mm (2.8”) W x 90 mm (3.54”) L x 58 mm (2.28”) H footprint

  • All data is available using Standard Network Variables (SNVT)

  • Analog inputs can be processed as digital inputs with custom trigger points

  • Analog inputs can be averaged over multiple samples

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