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Loop Isolators


Price starts at $668.75

Product Code : SC-2302

Manufacturer : Ametek

Models Available:

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SC-2302 Process Loop Isolator

Download or View this product's / series details and specifications Specifications (PDF)
The SC-2302 loop isolator is a compact, low cost device for isolating process current signals. It comes in 4-20 and 10-50mA ranges. It is an excellent way to provide field isolation from sensitive control systems which can be costly to maintain.

Features and Benefits

  • Loop powered, no external supply required 
  • Low cost compact unit, provides protection to high cost sensitive equipment  
  • 4-20 and 10-50 ranges available

Available Models:

  • SC2302-1 Loop Powered Isolator 4/20 mA input, 4/20 mA output
  • SC2302-2 Loop Powered Isolator 10/50 mA input, 4/20 mA output
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