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M200-DI Wet/Wet DP Smart Manometer


Price starts at $1,340.00

Product Code : M200-DI

Manufacturer : Meriam

Accuracy Adder:

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M200-DI Wet/Wet DP Smart Manometer


Meriam’s M200-DI handheld Smart Manometer for liquids brings high accuracy to wet/wet differential pressure applications. 
Potentially corrosive or wet gasses are also handled by the M200-DI. Wetted parts are 316L SS with Viton O-rings (consult factory for other materials). 
The M200-DI features NIST traceable accuracy of ± 0.05% FS (± 0.025% FS optional) independent of temperature effect from 23º to 122 ºF for Intrinsically Safe models. 
The accuracy statement is good from -4 º to 122 ºF for general purpose models.

Pressure ranges are available from 0 – 1 PSID to 0 – 500 PSID. All ranges are rated for 1000 PSI common mode pressure. HI side overpressure 
rating is 3X F.S. while the LO side overpressure rating is 3X F.S. or 150 PSI, whichever is less. Optional flushing ports allow solvent clean-out of 
P1 and P2 ports or can be used to vent air from the connecting tubing of liquid applications.

The display can read in any of 11 pressure units or can be linearly scaled for special user units. A square root flow function allows the M200-DI to 
display flow in user defined engineer units. The user selectable damping feature minimizes pulsation effects. The Min/Max function captures the extremes of pulsating pressure signals and the Hold function freezes the display for convenient reading if needed. Auto Record documents up to 240 reading for future recall.

+ 0.05% FS or optional
+ 0.025% F.S. No temperature effect over specified operating temperature

CE (standard)
Ex ia IIC T4
Class I,Div.1 Groups A,B,C,D, T4

Engineering Units
Inches of H2O (select 4o C, 20o C, or 60o F), PSI, mm of Hg, inches of Hg, mBars, Bars, kPa, kg/cm2, cm of H2O, user selectable scaling, sq. root

Media Compatibility\
DI: Isolated differential sensor for fluids compatible with 316L SS and Viton (consult factory for more options)

Pressure Limits
Common mode: 1,000 PSI
P1 (HI) only: 3X F.S.
P2 (LO) only: 3X F.S. or 150 PSI, whichever is less

Leak Test
Allows users to view Min/Max pressure values and calculates leak rate per minute in pressure units. The feature is very handy when troubleshooting or pressure testing pneumatic systems.

Auto Record
Document up to 240 readings (automatically or manually) to reduce paperwork and field time. Saved readings can be recalled at any time.

Min/Max Capture
Capture speed is equal to the selected damping rate.

Damping Rates
Exponential damping with user selectable time constant from 0.1 to 25 seconds.

Field Re-cal
The M200-DI series can be recalibrated in the field for zero, span, and linearity. The user has the option to select a 1 point or 5 point calibration procedure. Enables users with accurate primary standards to calibrate unit locally if desired.

Auto Shut-Off
User selectable shut-off. Programmable at 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes.


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