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CaliBox 200 differential pressure calibrator


Price starts at $7,918.12

Product Code : CaliBox200

Manufacturer : Novasina

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Mobile differential pressure calibrator & reference instrument CaliBox 200


- Long term stability and high accuracy  
- Precisely adjustable pressures
- High performance battery with 48 hrs oper. time
- Automatic zero-point calibration
- All-purpose use for static and dynamic
  Differential pressure instruments

Calibrator CaliBox 200 for generating very low pressures

Universal calibrator and reference instrument for generating very low pressures from  0 to 200 Pa or for use as reference instrument. 
For mobile on site use. Ideal for calibration of static (diaphragm) and dynamic (mass flow) differential pressure measurement devices.

Especially developed ventilator system with integrated precision measurement instrument for generating of a stable and continuous pressure.
The pressure regulation is done by a precision cotroller button. The CaliBox 200 is delivered including a Novasina factory calibration certificate
and as option with an accredited traceable certificate.

Technical data:

Pressure range:

0...200 Pa
within temperature range 5...50°C

Offset Drift:

<= 0.15 Pa / year


typ. <= 0.15 Pa (0.08% full scale) at 20°C

Application areas: 
Mobile on site calibration processes, calibration laboratories, research institutes, clean rooms etc.


The mobile CaliBox 200 differential pressure calibrator with range from 0 to 200 Pa has been designed for laboratories and clean rooms.
With a battery autonomy of 48 hours no external power sources are needed. At the push of a button the calibrator becomes a veritable
certified reference measurement. The integrated highly accurate membrane sensor excels with its high accuracy and long term stability.
The combination of a high quality sensor with a automated zeroing make the CaliBox 200 not just accurate but also maintenance free.
But this outstanding instrument offers more! The steady pressure generated by an integrated ventilator allow a calibration of static membrane
as well as dynamic mass flow sensors. Hence this all-rounder can be used for most of the differential pressure measurement instruments available
on the market. Other key points are the mechanical robustness and burst strength. The strong carrying case protects the sensitive internal elements
and an integrated valve system protects the sensor from overload. In addition the CaliBox 200 provides a scalable and adjustable analogue output, which
can be used to connect to external devices such as data loggers, PC etc. This cost efficient and universal solution suits perfectly for every
calibration professional, who wants to calibrate on site in an accurate and efficient manner.

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